Since 2000 we have been helping leisure spaces market themselves to their best and use innovative tools to stand out from the competition. Nothing is different today.

We know we need to deliver the best professional photography and online experience for customers as possible. We don’t have a reputation for innovation for no reason, being the first UK national company to offer virtual tours in 2000, the first UK agency servicing the whole country for the Google business photos program, and the first UK national network of Matterport photographers.

To help organise this, we have built our own proprietary technology platform Hotshoe. Not a fancy idea with a proptech label, but a real solution in use with some of the country’s biggest leisure companies right now. Hotshoe enables you to automate or streamline the entire process of getting core materials produced that you need for every location you need to market.

Hotshoe can help you in ways you might not even have thought about. You can see our live availability of when we can visit, or better still let local managers do that themselves. Centrally, it’s possible to track the progress of every order through our system real-time, get status updates when things happen and have a full human team for support when you need it.

Have a quick look at the core services we offer and get in touch to learn more about how we can help you show your spaces to their best and be efficient and save money at the same time.

Virtual Reality Tours

Whether it be a gym, a spa or a bowling alley, everything can be bought to life through a Matterport scan. If you are looking to highlight your facilities, look no further! The clarity and quality of the scan will help demonstrate what you have to offer. Matterport delivers the most realistic photovisual experience possible. This will save you time, as the number of pre-visits will be substantially reduced. For example, people tend to visit a gym before signing up for a membership, the Matterport scan is so detailed, they no longer need to.

If you’d prefer not to use the Virtual walkthrough for marketing use, many other clients in the leisure space use it to aide management decision making. With many restaurant chains running tens or hundreds of locations, it’s difficult for central managers to know what each location looks like, how the space flows, and whether that effects decisions around the fit-out or performance of the local business. With Matterport it’s easy for management to ‘be there’ at any time of day, wherever they are in the world to help make informed decisions.


Whilst our photographer is on site producing the Matterport, why not use his skills to help refresh your photography for your menu, your website or just general marketing use? Our team has photographed some of the most prestigious venues in the UK and have come across all situations imaginable!

Floorplans / fit out plans

The Matterport scan can also be used to produce a floorplan of your space. This might become a very helpful feature when the space needs refurbishment and plans are required of the internal space. Matterport scans are accurate to more than 99% so are reliable enough for fit out contractors to work from to transform your space into what you had imagined. Call us for a quote – it’s likely that plans derived from Matterport will be cheaper than a typical plan produced by a surveyor – and then you get the visual tour in effect for free!

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