Since 2000 we have been helping hotels market themselves to their best and use innovative tools to stand out from the competition. Nothing is different today.

We have a reputation for bringing innovation to the sector by being:

  • The first UK national company to offer virtual tours in 2000
  • The first UK agency servicing the whole country for the Google business photos program
  • The first UK national network of Matterport photographers

To help organise this, we have built our own proprietary workflow delivery platform Hotshoe. Hotshoe can help you in ways you might not even have thought about:

  • View our live availability to book a visit
  • Let local managers/owners take control of the booking
  • Track the progress of every order centrally
  • Receive status updates when things happen
  • Store all assets for future use

Have a quick look at the core services we offer and get in touch to learn more about how we can help you show your hotels to their best and be efficient and save money at the same time.

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Virtual Reality Tour

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Virtual Reality Tours

A Matterport scan enables you to bring your hotel to life, allowing a potential customer to have complete peace of mind when booking.

Having a Matterport Tour allows your customers to:

  • Have a full understanding of the space on offer before they book
  • See all of the communal areas on offer at your hotel

By offering this feature at the point of booking, you are creating a connection with your customer, before they have even stepped through the door. Our professional photographers are trained to show your hotel in all its glory and enable you to stand out from your competition.

In this ever-competitive climate, Matterport is becoming a key service differential to help customers have confidence when they book. This enables you to charge more for your space. National brands are beginning to incorporate Matterport scans into their website to help holiday makers commit and help move the decision making from price-led to service-led.

Improve conversion rates

Reduce customer complaints upon arrival

Opportunity to upsell holiday makers


High quality photographs are an essential part of marketing for a hotel, that can be ordered alongside the Matterport scan. Over the past 20 years, our team of professional interior photographers have been to pretty much every kind of hotel – from corporate chains to small boutique independent spaces, and have made the most of each one. We are regularly commended on our high quality and attention to detail to make the space look as bright and welcoming as possible.

We also offer drone photography and elevated photography nationwide.

Floorplans / fire escape plans

A feature that is often excluded from hotels websites, and one that is becoming much more important, is a floorplan and a clear layout of the room or suite. These can be extracted from the Matterport scan and are easily viewed by the customer.

Our drafting team are able to add features, such as sofas and beds, so it is clear for the customer how the room is laid out.

An added bonus that hotels that are opening or have recently undergone a refurbishment, is that fire escape plans can also be created from the Matterport scan.

The combination of jobs that Matterport is able to do, saves you time and enables all necessities to be covered in a single visit by one of our photographers.

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